Matrics 2016

Distinction follows the distinct

Masego for president

With over 300 hours of community service under her belt, Masego Mafata is off to Stellenbosch to do a BA in international studies. Masego served on the Joburg Junior Council and co-chaired our Learner Leadership Council (LLC). Her infectious personality and leadership magnetism had magazines like Grazia lining up to interview her. We’re rooting for Masego come elections 2024.

NASA here we come
We knew Paul Stansell was going far when he showed us how to grow beans on Mars in Grade 9. We began to realise just how far when he was named one of Google's top 100 young scientists last year. As he embarks on a career in astrophysics, for Paul – the stars aren't even the limit. (Did we mention he plays a mean bass in a Jazz band?)
Cannes-winning creative director
Lee-Ann Johnson, a name often heard through loud cheers on the football pitch. We believe it’s one you’ll hear in the hallways of creative agencies as well, as she sets out on a degree in graphic design. With a full-colours blazer for football, Lee-Ann has also played netball, cricket, tennis and basketball for Sacred Heart. Driving it all for her is the fact that “my school taught me to put my heart and soul into everything I do”.
Nobel laureate, humanitarian, ambassador?
Cassidy Wood is fluent in French and isiZulu; she’s rubbed shoulders with former first lady Graça Machel, and taken time this year to play with kids in our foundation year. She’s achieved distinctions in both drama and physical science. She’s co-authored a play that is said to “have defined a new genre in South African protest theatre”. We’re not quite sure if there is anything Cassidy cannot do.
A CA with a heart
Rayvern Coetzee is on the fast track to success with his KPMG scholarship, and he’s collected plenty of accolades along the way: Gold at the President's Duke of Edinburgh Awards; outstanding achiever at the Dale Carnegie Generation Next; half-colours for dramatic art; and he swam Midmar with the swimming team; but it’s his commitment to the Enviro Club and the 300 hours of community service that convinced us, this is a future CEO with a pulse.

Since 2000, 990 learners have written 7 811 subjects, with a matric pass rate of 100% and an exemption rate of 88%

Mpumelelo Norman Nhlapo first joined the Sacred Heart family in 2007, and today, he has many reasons to dream big. His teachers and peers will tell you he is incredibly resourceful for someone with very little resources. A man with a plan. Norman has shown an extremely passionate interest in dramatic arts, an interest so uncontrollable that it saw him go to great lengths to miss every after-school activity possible. At first, teachers were concerned with what seemed like another case of the rebellious teens. That was until they discovered young Norman was sneaking off to ballroom dancing classes instead.

It was this dedication, along with his naturally engaging presence on stage, that later saw him help produce plays, earn best actor awards and achieve an unprecedented 100% in his drama practical examination, as well as numerous external commendations. He is also an extremely talented athlete, especially on the 1st team basketball court, and was awarded his full-colours blazer for outstanding efforts in the development of basketball at the college. Sacred Heart’s unconventional approach is what attracts distinct individuals who look at the world through a different lens and often go on to change it.

Solver of world hunger?

Isabella Potenza has been dubbed one of the most creative and critical thinkers of her age nationwide. With her innate passion and deep knowledge about food security in southern Africa, she was re-invited to present on Food Security and Sustainability at Wits University. One thing’s for sure – the world will be a better place thanks to Isabella.

Hollywood’s limelight
Karabo Makhanya, where do we even start? This enthusiastic all-rounder brings value to any team, especially on the netball court. But that’s not the only place where she’s got the moves. Karabo’s also a versatile performer who acts and dances. Since her first lead role in a play that went on to perform at FEDA, she’s been keeping audiences in awe. Her full-colours blazer, playwriting skills and recent acting award will certainly take Karabo to centre stage.
A young Martin Scorsese
Someone call the Academy. With distinctions in dramatic arts, history, English, life orientation and isiZulu – it’s the director's chair we’re expecting Luke Johnstone to pop up in. He’s co-authored an edgy and critically acclaimed play, Pap and Corrupt, shot a doccie on xenophobia in Hillbrow, and now he’s off to film school in New York City.
Tech maverick
From barely being able to string an English sentence together, to a fluent English-speaking academic, Tian Deng’s dedication and perseverance has seen him receive an honour’s scroll for educational excellence and his full-colours blazer. The success story doesn’t end there. Tian also collected the Computer Applications Technology award – his tech skills are like something out of a CIA movie and could easily see him earn a director's seat at Apple’s boardroom table.
World’s best tattoo artist
Since primary school, Jack Shoulder’s teachers tried their best to ensure he spent more time writing in his books than on himself. But they soon realised this boy had serious talent. His creative ability and appetite for art will take him places. Whether it’s at an up-to-the-minute New York gallery or a Rodeo Drive tattoo parlour – Jack’s sure to make his mark.