Masego Mafata

Reflections on Sacred Heart Day: Today I was given life.
To say I’ve been spiritually fed to a point where itis can’t even stop me from beaming with pride would be an understatement.  Whatever is going on in my head and heart right now is an experience I can barely comprehend – an indescribable experience. I’ve truly been taken on a trip and I really don’t want to come back down from that trip.
Sacred Heart,  you’ve transported me to a place I never thought I’d ever reach. You’ve completely changed the meaning of school pride and family spirit for me. I have never felt as connected to the people around me as I did today. I have never felt prouder to say that SHC is indeed made of gold.
It’s incredibly difficult to explain which aspects of the day’s events have me drowning in the feels because everyone just flourished and everything was just on flipping fleek – like wow!! My biggest wish is for Sacred Heartians to experience what I’m experiencing because it’s litter than lit, it’s incredible. All I’m seeing and all I’m thinking is: BLUE AND GOLD! It is fulfilling. I have truly been given life – THANK YOU SACRED HEART COLLEGE

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