What makes heart?


Understanding that everyone is different, we promote diversity in students, allowing them to find themselves without moulding them with a specific dominating culture.

Critical Thinking

Our students are open-minded and critical of society. This is encouraged in all aspects of their school careers, making them more progressive than other kids their age.

Family Spirit

It is a feeling that permeates throughout the school, creating a deep emotional connection between students, the school and its teachers.

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We don’t have a model of a Sacred Heart child, of what a child looks like, the model is everyone is different. Whatever your shape is, we’ll make a shape that size in this school.

There is No Model Student Colin Northmore/Head of College

The education isn’t one dimensional – there is a rigorous curriculum but also other opportunities for people who aren’t purely academic to shine. Creative minds flourish here.

Creative Minds Skye Naidoo/Student

When I was at another school, I feared the matrics. Here, there is a family spirit, I am free to be myself and express myself freely. It’s so unique, they are so accepting of you, it is an all-round family of respect.

Fearless Nicholas Rutherford/Student

It’s not one kind of person, it’s a mix of people, there are lots of differences; religions, race, background. When we  connect with different people, we don’t have societies perceptions, we are opened to others.

Open Hearts, Open Minds Daniel Hewlett-O’Sullivan/Student

It is a sense of family – I feel I am connected to everyone who has this blazer.

Connected Kamila Makan/Student

I see my peers as the greatest people because they are so open minded and view other people as equals whether it is gender fluidity or issues of hair.

The Greatest People Lula Pam-Grant/Student

There are no separations between grades, we do things together. The unity comes from a culture of seeing everyone in the school as equals.

Equals Fefe Maswanganyi/Student

When I walk into other schools, it’s just buildings. Here it’s people, a strong sense of family that you don’t get at other schools.

Family Masego Mafata/Student

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Masego Mafata

Reflections on Sacred Heart Day: Today I was given life. To say I’ve been spiritually fed to a point where itis can’t even stop me from beaming with pride would be an understatement.  Whatever is going on in my head and heart right now is an experience I can barely comprehend – an indescribable experience. […]



I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was my first day at Sacred Heart College and all that was going through my mind that day was fear, fear that I wouldn’t make any friends and fear that I would be seen as the bumbling new kid that no one wanted to talk to […]


Skye Naidoo

On March 7th 2014, we sat amidst the mist and watched silhouettes dance in the fog. Arms around each other and lunch-boxes in hand, we shared the blissful silence. Our legs may have been frozen but our crazy imaginations definitely weren’t. We spoke about Nuinidolmos (a penguin, unicorn, dolphin with a moustache) while our feet […]

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